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David Suzuki narrates scary film on invading species the Asian carp!

North America is under attack by a relentless aquatic invading species. Accidentally released into the Mississippi River 30 years ago, the Asian carp have been heading north ever since, spreading all over the United States.

Carpe Diem: A Fishy Tale
Producer: Charlotte Engel, in association with the CBC "The Nature of Things"
Director: Scott Dobson
Narrator: David Suzuki

Armed with genetic super powers, they wipe out native species, alter the food web, and keep humans on the shoreline. Asian carp are now only 60 miles south of Lake Michigan and the race is on to prevent them from taking over the Great Lakes. Can they be stopped? Carpe Diem: A Fishy Tale looks at the threat of this fish, and the scientific and unorthodox methods being in utilized in this war against the Asian carp. Water guns, electric barriers and super sexy foods are all options being looked at to combat the spread of these crafty fish. But when all fails, why not shoot them or eat them? Decide for yourself what the best option is in solving this fishy problem!

Screening at Stan Gibson's Water Docs Film Festival
Matinée for the Asian Carp in the Great Lakes - March 22 @ 3pm

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